Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala, Kovalam

Applying medicinal paste over the head and covering it.

Extreme stress is common in today’s world with traveling and businesses all around us. In Ayurveda there are various treatments that focuses on reducing stress and rejuvenating you. Thalapothichil is one among them. This Ayurvedic treatment is suggested with a specific diet, yoga and meditation for 2 to 3 weeks.

Various types of medicinal herbs involve in this treatment depending on the patient’s condition, to create a paste that is applied on the head during the treatment. This cooling Ayurvedic treatment starts with a head massage using medicated oils. Later, using the medicinal herbs a grove is created on your head, through which medicated herbal oils will be poured and sealed with herbal leaves and cloth strips. After 40 to 60 minutes, depending on the condition to be treated, the grove is removed and is followed with a gentle head massage.

Stress can cause various disorders to you. Thalapothichil as an Ayurvedic treatment can help you stabilize these disorders depending on your health condition. By improving the quality of sleep and reducing the heaviness of the head, the treatment resolves major stress related issues we all face.


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