Shirodhara Ayurveda treatment in Kerala

Placing medicated oil over the head

As a roof is important part of our home, head is a vital part of our body too. The administration of our body happens from within our head and it is vital that we give good care and keep it healthy and strong.

Shirovasthi is an intense Ayurvedic treatment administering medicated oil on the head. The patient sitting on the wooden stool is applied with medicated oil all over the body and the head. A cap with openings at both ends is placed on top of the head to pour and fill the warm prescribed medicated oil. The oil is to remain in the cap for 45 minutes and to then to be drained-out. Once the head is wiped, dry, the medicated oil is applied all over the body and head again, preparing the patient for a warm water bath. This intense Ayurvedic treatment improves your stress and anxiety management capabilities with improved sleep, rejuvenates and nourishes the brain, cures various disorders related to the eyes, nose and ears, etc. This Ayurvedic treatment is best effective if practiced for 7 consecutive days.


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