Shirodhara Ayurveda treatment in Kerala

Pouring herbal oil over the forehead

Shirodara is an ancient and powerful tool for bringing body, mind and soul into harmonious balance. The word shirodara originate from two Sanskrit word shiro (head) and dhara (flow). Shirodara is an amazing unique therapy for a compromised nervous system. Consider the human body as an inverted tree, the roots are at the top and the branches pointed downwards. Just as the roots of a tree nurtured and control all the activity and wellbeing of the tree , head is the operation center of the body.

Shirodara treatment directly and immediately clams, relaxes and has a cleansing effect on the mind and nerves. Shirodara stimulates Marma's or vital points in the head and improve circulation. Shirodara also reduces the level of stress hormone and relaxes the mind helps to remove the blockage in the mind, balance one's energy level,balance dosas and increase immunity. The entire process empowers the mind and body to experience a state of deep rest, similar to the state to the state a person attained right after meditation.

Shirodara started with massage the head and scalp, after that the person lie on supine position in shirodhara table. Warm medicated oil poured from dhara pot in a specific distance over to forehead in a oscillating manner. Recollect the oil and reheated it to maintain specific temperature. Repeat the process several times for a time period. Light head massage throughout the process.

Shirodara helps to reduce sleep problem, memory loss, poor concentration, chronic head ache, stress, depression, mental tension, hypertension, eye ear hair problem, facial paralysis, anxiety, psoriasis, diabetes, heart disease, digestive problem, sinusitis etc

Depends upon the type of liquid used it is categorized into

  • Ayurveda resort in kovalam,kerala Tailadhara : medicated oil is used.
  • Ayurveda treatments in  kerala,kovalam Ksheeradhara : medicated milk is used.
  • Ayurvedic Centre in kovalam Takradhara : medicated buttermilk is used.
  • Best ayurveda centers in Kerala Kwadhadhara : decoction is used.
  • Best ayurvedic resorts in kovalam Jaladhara : coconut water is used.


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