BEST Ayurveda Rejuvenation Packages in Kovalam, Kerala

It is a sweating treatment massaging with medicated rice pudding

One of the popular Ayurvedic treatments from Astavaidya, Njavara kizhi, is a nourishing therapy that is effective for a full body care. Deeply refreshing and revitalizing, this Ayurvedic treatment is practiced mainly to cure joint stiffness due to Vata. This rejuvenating Ayurvedic treatment involves perspiration of the body with a bolus consisting Njavara rice cooked with milk and various authentic herbs, which adds to the nutritious value for the treatment. This bolus is wrapped in the hand sized cotton bags. The kizhi or the cotton bag is dipped into a mixture of warm milk and herbal decoctions before practicing the massage.

The patient is to sit up on wooden tub, otherwise known as the ‘Ennathoni’, while applying kizhi. Once the Ayurvedic treatment begins, the procedure should proceed without any halt. Enough attendants will be involved to keep the kizhi ready for therapists to continue the flow of treatment. Apart from practicing this treatment on either side of the body identically, Njavarakizhi is done in seven different postures. The full treatment concludes with a full body massage using medicated oil consisting of authentic herbs and a 30-minute rest. Njavarakizhi is best effective if done 60 to 90 minutes daily for 14 days.


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