Panchakarma Includes Five Basic Shodanas: Cleansing MethodsPanchakarma Includes Five Basic Shodanas: Cleansing Methods.

Ayurvedic Centre in kovalam

Washing with special decoction

A Unique Ayurveda massage therapy in which the patient’s whole body is washed with a stream of lukewarm mediated oil made with authentic herbs and simultaneous soft massages. This treatment is also known as ‘The treatment of aristocrats’ as this treatment was offered especially to the Kings in the olden days.

The treatment includes a continues flow of oil in single stream in downward direction all over the body and two or four therapists under the supervision of the doctor squeeze the herbal cotton bags dipped in medicated oils onto the person’s body. The patient must adopt seven standard positions leaving no part of the body untreated by the therapists. A 30 minutes rest under a blanket and then a hot water bath follows this procedure.

This royal Ayurvedic treatment guarantees high positive effects against neurological disorders, muscle spasms, bone injuries, nervous weakness and improves immunity for a healthy lifestyle, anti-aging and blood circulation.


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