Ayurvedic Centre in kovalam

Chavutti thirumal or foot massage

Chavutti thirumal or foot massage is a unique Ayurvedic therapy that orginated more than 5000 years ago from the practitioners of the traditional Kerala martial art, Kalari. This Ayurvedic treatment is such an important part of Kerala traditions that cannot be avoided. The main reason it stands out of other Ayurvedic treatments is the method used in it just like its name suggests, foot massage.

This Ayurvedic treatment also known as the Indian rope massage uses the therapist’s full body weight to give powerful and strong massage. After applying authentic herbal oils, the patient lays flat on the floor and the therapist holds on to a rope tied to the ceiling balancing himself and with the other foot, he directs the massage on the patient’s body. The treatment helps in maintaining the body and treating the pain and swelling caused by any accidents. It is equally beneficial for those who are not in regular physical exercise and wishes to maintain well-being. Chavutti thirumal focuses on the meridian lines of the energy, which are also the energy channels.