Ayurvedic Centre in kovalam

A common problem faced by women i.e. menstrual disorder. It actually refers to an irregularity in women’s menstrual cycle. The menstrual cycle involves dramatic monthly hormonal changes affecting a woman’s emotional and physical state. Menstrual problems may refer to the different types of menstruation disorders such as delay or absence of bleeding, painful cramping, profuse bleeding etc.

Menstrual problems are treated in Ayurveda very effectively without any side effects. Internal medicines along with a course of treatment are required.Treatment includes nourishing and toning herbs and also rejuvenating therapies based on the nature of the disorder.Along with internal medication, cleansing procedures can be done to remove the accumulated toxins which are the ultimate cause of the disease.Incorporation of meditation and yoga is very beneficial as stress plays a very important role in these disorders.

Treatments include: Panchakarma, Abhyanga, shirodhara, Kashayadhara, pizhichil, Herbal steam Bath, special lepanam, Udwardanam, lekhaneeyam, uttharavasthi, yoniprakshlanam etc.


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